Location Scouting

film & TV 450 € per day & scout
advertising & photography 600 € per day & scout
vehicle flat rate 70 € per day & vehicle


Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and nights are subject to a surcharge of 50%.

Includes an online gallery with a download option and telephone costs. Out-of-town projects are charged additional hotel costs and expenses. 
The vehicle flat rate includes fuel within the Berlin Ring (A10), beyond the Berlin Ring additional fuel costs apply – as per receipt.

All prices are subject to VAT


Location Database / Research

film & TV 450 € up to 4 shooting days
– per item
900 € 5 to 9 shooting days
1.350 € 10 & more shooting days
advertising & photography 600 € up to 4  shooting days
– per item
1.200 € 5 to 9  shooting days
1.800 € 10 & more  shooting days


Includes all locations that match the search criteria from our database; the checking of the location selection; an online gallery with a download option; telephone costs.

In the case of private locations, one of our employees is always present at the first inspection, charges subject to the time needed.

All prices are subject to VAT. We do not charge commission.